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TECH| NIGHTOGRAPHY after #LifeWithGalaxy

Monday, May 23, 2022


We live in an era where we snap away as we go, capturing memories all day and night. We truly understand that it can be a little challenging to capture these precious moments. With Nightography: a revolutionary combination of hardware and software in the Galaxy S22 Series, you can now capture night and low light photography in a breeze.

Our #TeamGalaxy switchers are here to share their Nightography experience after #LifeWithGalaxy!

TECH | 5 Things #TeamGalaxy Voice of Consumers Rave about the Galaxy S22 Series

Thursday, May 19, 2022


It is without a doubt that besides in-depth reviews we read from our tech experts, we often turn to our favourite lifestyle writers, influencers or even friends and families prior to purchasing a smartphone.

Why not turn to our #TeamGalaxy Voice of Consumers and see what they’ve got to say about their Galaxy S22 and how it has changed their lives! (Especially for those who have recently switched over to #LifeWithGalaxy)

TECH | Convenience in a Smartphone

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

We do many things on our smartphones, from kick starting the day as an alarm clock to taking thousands of selfies and even navigating our ways with the GPS; indeed, it has enhanced the way we live our lives. But, do you know that the Galaxy S22 Series can do much more than that?

Read on to find out more!

TECH | The Galaxy Love Story You Wouldn’t Wanna Miss

Monday, April 18, 2022


 “It all started with a swipe right….and it was a “MATCHED” on their Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S3 way back in 2015. Fast-forward 7 years; they tied the knot with an upgrade to the Galaxy S22 Series.

TECH | Be a Galaxy Star with the Galaxy S22 Series!

Friday, April 1, 2022

 “A dream is just a dream until you decide to pursue it! Make your passion a reality and be the next Samsung Galaxy Star.

Tech | Let the Galaxy S22 Series Put You in The Director's Seat

Monday, March 21, 2022

 “Jom filming!

Creativity is the core of every film director’s passion. Just like any career, the aspiring path to succeeding here requires heavy dedication and research, but most importantly, access to the right tools to begin one’s pursuit in the first place. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is one collection that recognises this and serves to be a competent starting instrument for aspiring directors to take charge, with powerful 4nm processing, lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6E, and a host of camera features to explore!

For one, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series promises clearer videos and low-light visibility from its signature Nightography features, which includes algorithm-based scene optimisation via its 4nm AP chipset. It analyses every frame to correct detail and colours while simultaneously optimising colour contrast for bright and dark spots in the frame, creating perfectly stunning results for every scene.

Beyond the standard 10-bit HDR offer, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series offers 12-bit HDR at 30FPS through its wide-lens camera in Full-HD or Ultra-HD. The Galaxy S22 Series relies on Intra-scene Dual Conversion Gain (iDCG) technology on its wide-lens to create visual magic that’s 64x more vivid in colour when compared to the results gained from 10-bit HDR.

The all-powerful Galaxy S22 Series then tops this package with a built-in Auto Framerate feature that adapts accordingly when filming on 15/24/30 or even 60 FPS in both Full-HD and Ultra-HD. As expected of its name, Auto Framerate adjusts the camera’s shutter speed based on the lighting conditions of the filming location, while scanning each pixel to correct them for better detail and luminosity in dark spots.

The Galaxy S22 Series is made for users of all kinds, but its strong emphasis on camera quality and innovation makes it the perfect tool for aspiring directors and videographers in exploring their creative ideas without barriers hindering them from achieving great results. If your dream is to direct a film someday, start that journey now by getting the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series today!


To find out more, or purchase the latest Galaxy devices, please see the respective links below:


           Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G:

           Galaxy S22+ | S22 5G:

Tech | Perfect Your Nightscape Shots with Nightography on the Galaxy S22 Series

Friday, March 18, 2022

Photo by @nahdiomar

 “Let's go stargazing!

When the sun goes down and night time unravels its beauty, going for a stargazing trip and attempting to capture the dreamy sky is something you should absolutely do – at least once in your life!  

Capturing the stars you gaze at in photographs used to be an exclusive skill that only professional photographers could master – but not anymore. Thanks to astonishing advancements in the Galaxy S22 Series camera technology, anyone can now try their hand at perfecting their shots of the starry night with the revolutionary Nightography features and a sturdy tripod.


Nightography is a new set of camera features in the Galaxy S22 Series, consisting of a larger pixel sensor, Adaptive Pixel technology, Super Clear lens, Super Night Solution and Auto Framerate that will work together to let you take beautiful, clear low-light photos and videos without any flares easily.


Dealing with low lighting conditions is a common obstacle when it comes to astrophotography, but with the Galaxy S22 Series’ cameras, the challenges will be easier to manage. To capture the starlight vividly, the Galaxy S22 Series camera will use its large pixel sensor (2.4 micrometer sensor for Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G; 2.0 micrometer sensor for Galaxy S22/S22+ 5G) to absorb more light, and its Adaptive Pixel technology (Nona-bining for Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G; Tetra-binning for Galaxy S22/S22+ 5G) to combine up-to 9 pixels into one, producing brighter and sharper images and videos with the least amount of noise.

When photographing at night, we also often encounter challenges with light being reflected back into the camera lens, resulting in horrible lens flares and little light spots surrounding the light sources, such as the moon, stars or street lights, being captured in photos. However, with the Galaxy S22 Series camera, you can snap your heart away whenever wherever you like. The camera lenses are coated with a new anti-reflective coating – Super Clear lens, so all light flares and noises will be eliminated. Plus, its Auto Framerate will adapt to the surrounding light conditions and automatically adjusts to an ideal frame rate to capture the right light and details into the photos.


Beyond the camera, there is an incredible program that does wonders behind the scenes to all shots taken. It’s the new Super Night Solution that automatically compounds up to 20 photos in one shutter, then multi-stacks the best ones into a final image, which you will find in your gallery app later. So, every photo you capture at night with the Galaxy S22 Series will almost certainly be flawless, as the final outcome is always the best of the best.


With Nightography, a powerful combination of software and hardware, Galaxy users can now capture the beauty of night sights and moments in photographs and make nights Epic. The Galaxy S22 Series is without a doubt an excellent camera for astrophotography and night photography.


Learn more about the Galaxy S22 Series here:

·         Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G:

·         Galaxy S22 | S22+ 5G:


Tech | 5 Features That Will Make You Fall Head Over Heels for the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

 “So many reasons to love the Galaxy S22 Ultra!

Tech | Seize the Night with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Monday, March 7, 2022



As easy as it may be to snap photos and videos of precious moments spent with your loved ones during the day, doing the same at night can be challenging. Equipped with advanced software and hardware features, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ensures that your favorite memories are saved in great detail, even after the sun sets.

Introducing Nightography: a revolutionary combination of hardware and software in the Galaxy S22 Ultra to make night and low light photography a breeze.

Read on to find out how the Galaxy S22 Ultra helps you capture vibrant photos and videos on a big night out.

Tech | Tiger in the City Comes to Life 🐯

Monday, February 7, 2022

“Roaring in Kuala Lumpur!

Last August, we brought the foldables a grand 3D appearance on the largest screen in Bukit Bintang. This year, be prepared to roar with Samsung Malaysia Electronics as we bring to you a larger than life tiger on the famous Pavilion Elite giant LED screen to demonstrate some of our newest Nightography features.


Tech | Follow Your Inspiration Anytime Anywhere with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Thursday, January 27, 2022


“Sketch all day everyday!

Are you someone who loves relaxing with a cup of coffee while sketching or someone who just enjoys doodling while taking notes? Well, if you enjoy creating art to express your creativity, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is just for you!

Tech | Galaxy Unpacked 2022: The New Epic Standard of Smartphone Experiences

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

“Galaxy Unpacked 2022 is finally coming!

True innovations don’t just evolve with the world – they help shape it. To create the devices that push us ahead, rewrite the future and bring light to the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what is possible with a smartphone.


Tech | Samsung to Set a New Standard for Smartphones

Monday, January 24, 2022

Dr. TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business 

Tech | Meet S21 FE 5G: A Flagship Smartphone Designed for Fans of All Kinds

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

  “The newest member of the Galaxy S21 family delivers fan-favorite S21 features – like powerful performance, a pro-grade camera, and seamless ecosystem connectivity – all in a refined, iconic design

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