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Monday, June 21, 2021

 “4th Month Anti-Drooling Ceremony, a custom that shouldn't be forgotten.


Honestly speaking, I had no idea on this until I saw a couple of friends doing this ceremony for their 4 month old babies. I asked and they said that it was a hokkien tradition. So, I asked my parents about it and my dad said there is such thing but he had no idea what was required and what needs to be done. Unfortunately, grandma has passed away and we couldn't ask her either. So, the only way to find out was, ask around and google!

What happens at the 4th Month Anti-Drooling ceremony? Basically, the parents prepare some food items for the ceremony to stop the baby's drooling and also bless with well wishes from grandparents.

What does each food item mean?

1. Cookie (12pcs, stringed together with a red thread like a necklace) - To represent no drooling.

These cookies are you usually represented with Marie Cookies or Pong Piah. But this extra over mama decided she wanted to make some cute BTS themed cookies for the occasion. So, taaadaaahhhh! Pretty purple BTS cookies.

2. Chives / Kuchai - For a smooth teething journey and not have fever.

3. Chicken Drumstick - The licking of the chicken drumstick sort of signifies that he’ll eat well next time. 

This is because back in the olden days, you only get to eat chicken drumstick on special occasions.

4. Spring Onions - The spring onions (葱) has the same sound as clever (聪明).

I think he licked it and hated the taste as Spring Onion has stronger tastes.

5. Prawns - Signifies that we want him to grow up being happy always.

6. Tau Kwa - To signify to rise up the ranks. Kwa, in hokkien means minister.

7. Ang Bao - Grandma must present a red packet to bless the baby.

Final verdict after ceremony? It didn’t stop the drooling immediately but there’s significantly less drool. After all, it’s not magic. But hey, let's keep the tradition alive and going! It's pretty fun to do and babies only grow up once.

And if you're wondering, I also did a fast forward reel version here.

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