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Monday, March 29, 2021

 “Postnatal recovery is crucial, use the right belly band.

Well, most people around me knew that I was an advocate to delivering baby as naturally as possible. But we can always plan and things may not go our way, I ended up with an emergency c-section when delivering Baby Mochi.

Prior to delivering baby, as what most mommy-to-be would do, was to research and prepare for postpartum recovery. I too got myself a belly band/bengkung and even arranged for urut kakak to come. Unfortunately, due to my c-section surgery, I couldn’t use the belly band I originally bought, nor I could start my massage until at least 2 weeks post-surgery. I needed the green light from my doctor before putting any pressure on the belly and wound.

Thankfully, I found the belly band that is designed to fit both normal delivery & c-section and my postpartum recovery journey could begin! Time to tighten, shape and strengthen the core and uterus, putting back the organs in place with the help of urut & Mamaway Postnatal Belly Band.

What I really like about this band?

  • Easy to use (compared to the traditional bengkung), fully adjusted velcro to allow you to adjust based on your needs.
  • Comfortable long hour-wearing with breathable material (Antibacterial nano bamboo charcoal)
  • Wearing to sleep (especially when new moms have to keep napping when baby naps)
  • Supports the back and eases back pain.
  • Hand washable
  • Available in 2 versions, 3 sizes (M, L & XL)
    • [LIMITED EDITION] L size: 107cm
    • [NEW EDITION] S-M size: 100cm, L-XL size: 115cm

To add on, this belly band can be used the next day after C-section as it is adjustable and be worn right above your wound to stabilize it and avoid pulling around when you need to go out of bed. Plus, if you happen to sneeze or cough, it helps hold your wound as well!

Right now, belly has gone down by a size (no more looking like I’m still 5 months preggy!). And of course, if you’re a mama-to-be, please do get yourself prepared with the right belly band for your postpartum recovery! You will see how your body progress day-by-day.

How long should I use this for? I guess I’ll continue putting it on daily for at least 3 -4 hours until I think there’s no need for it. Where to get them?  Here: Mamaway Postnatal Belly Band

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