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Tuesday, December 17, 2019
“A supplement a day, keeps your skin radiant everyday!

As we grow a little older day by day, we will notice changes on our body. Whether we start having fine lines on our faces or maybe even deeper smiley bear-lines. If you're my follower on IG, you'll probably already know how important skincare is to me and with that being said, fine lines or wrinkles are big ‘no-no’s as of now.
But with so many factors such as sun exposure, pollution, work stress, poor diet, lack of exercising, how do we overcome premature aging of our skin besides proper skincare routine? 

The answer would then be...from within. But HOW? WHAT?

So, I was introduced BiO-LiFE®’s NEW Formula ASTAXANTHIN 6mg and I thought it’s not a bad idea to try a new supplement since well I'm not young anymore (Don't guess, I'm not that young hahahahaha!).

Honestly, I think the fishy smell may turn some people off at the beginning (so I had it with my morning coffee at first) but as you continue consuming it on a daily basis, it's not that bad. Plus, it’s understandable that this scent is present because BiO-LiFE®’s NEW Formula ASTAXANTHIN 6mg is derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluviallis, a natural source of Astaxanthin.

Packaging wise, well it's your usual supplement packaging but in a box with some explanation of the product and its manufacturing & expiry dates. It’s also good to know that it contains no added sugar, yeast, milk derivatives, wheat or corn starch, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavours. So, it should be suitable for the majority of people especially those who are sensitive to those substances.

That being said, it’s always good to consult your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you have any medical conditions.

Well, I won't really go into the scientific stuff in detail (since I'm probably not the right person to write about this) but a little research says that Astaxanthin serves as an antioxidant on our skin to scavenge free radicals (you know...those radiation we get from staring at our laptops & phones all day long) and protect skin cells from oxidative damage. 

I have been taking this for about two months. So… what’s the VERDICT?

Ahemmm ahemmm...I can say that there's noticeable difference in terms of skin dryness. Even on days when I'm feeling lazy and skipping my 10-steps nighttime skincare routine! Skin still looks bright and radiant the next day! But this doesn't mean you can skip your skincare routine or drink less water okay?

Food supplementation should be part of your overall wellness routine, not a replacement. Remember to stay active, drink enough water and eat moderately.

If you want to purchase, you may do so at the nearest pharmacies like Caring Pharmacy, Guardian or online at Green Wellness. These stores carry the 6mg variant like the one I took. You can also find the 4mg variant at Watsons.
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