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Monday, February 5, 2018
“Bearable pain, all for the sake of beauty!

Almost 99% of women wants to have a slim V-shaped face with sharp jawline. I'm not saying that I'm not proud of what my parents have gifted me, but there's no harm in wanting to enhance it, right?

Honestly speaking, upon arrival of D'Beau Facez, I had no idea what sort of treatment I would be doing. After quick chat with Dr Aaron Tan, he suggested that if I didn't mind needle treatments, I could enhance my jawline with a quick Jawline Lifting jab. When I said quick, I meant it happened in about 5 minutes. Plus, the pain was bearable.

Since it is my first time trying this out, it would take approximately 2-3 weeks before it takes effect. It's been a week since my jab, I've been a good girl avoiding alcohol at all cost. (Note: Avoid alcohol after any botox jab for best results.) Can't wait to see the final result!

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