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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
“Mites! Mites everywhere!

If you think that your skin condition is tip top, think again. Before my jawline treatment, Dr Mino Xuan Li Jun took a some sample of my skin for a quick skin test. 

Unlike the usual skin test that we go through at beauty salons, I got to zoom in my skin condition 150,000 times more. This was when I discovered that I had face mites. Wait, what??? Yes, face mites it is. Hidden inside every pore, these mites actually consumes the skin care and water that I've been trying to feed my face.

Thankfully, there's also a solution for these mites. With a quick laser treatment, these mites (8 in 1 pore) broke into pieces. However, there's also need for after laser treatment with a bottle of daily serum to protect the skin from losing its nutrients. Thank goodness for Dr Aaron & Dr Mino, else, I wouldn't even understand why my skin has always been sensitive. I'd def be back for my timely skin condition checkup!

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