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Friday, February 2, 2018
“100% natural honey treatment!

Imagine the bottle of skin care product that you can taste and consume. That's how natural it is. Instead of the usual boring clinical slimming treatments, Aroma Garden wants their customers to experience 100% natural treatment that gives instant results.

We all know that every slimming treatment claims to be painless and instant. Comparing clinical and natural, I'd definitely prefer natural treatments. During the session, Ben explained to us on each and every product and its effects. He also emphasised that they wanted their products to be chemical free, 100% natural and affordable for their customers. And then, we began our treatment - Natural Honey Base Hand & Leg Treatment.

We started with measurements and then proceeded to peel off. Next, we had the defining mask on for about 30 minutes. Once the mask seeps into the skin, serum is poured on top and the massage begins. (Note: Unlike your usual massage, they used quite a bit a strength to massage away water retention and fats.)

Wash off and we're done. Sounds easy? The whole treatment actually took about 1 and a half hours for both legs and arms. So, were there instant results? Indeed. Lower tight from 34cm -> 31cm, Upper tight from 39cm -> 37cm. Would I return to give it another go? Definitely, yes.

Aroma Garden
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