Entering 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018
“Hello 2018!
2017 wasn't really an awesome year but hey, at least I managed to travel to two countries. Time for a quick checkup on last year's list and to update 2018 list!

So what happened in 2017?

De-cluttering the room (Throw out all the rubbish!) - Kinda failed tho...
Get a new phone - Woohoo!!!
Pick up Korean language (and to be able to converse by the end of the year) - I think I can at least converse and understand quite a bit!
Pick up new skill (Calligraphy, Watercolour painting) - Well, didn't happen.
Be Thankful - Not too bad after all.
Take 15 minutes every night to prepare for the next morning! - Well, it failed halfway~
Wake up 15 minutes earlier for a quick morning exercise routine - Ended up procrastination every morning!
Be positive at work at all times! - Did my best and survived the year!
Continue with Yoga classes - Well, I took up another class. So, its not too bad.
Spend less, Save more - Nope! Never gonna happen.
Cut down on Coca-Cola consumption (max twice a month) - I just can't seem to give it up eh?
Go up 2 ratings in darts - Went up by 1 rating~
Keep up & catch up with friends as much as possible - Not too bad
Less coffee, More water!  - Coffee Wins!

Travel to Bangkok - Tickets booked!
Christmas & Countdown in Korea - Went to HK instead!


What About 2018?
Continue with Korean class - Still there, Level 4!
Continue growing my Instagram followers organically
Achieve Rating 9 by July!
Continue working out! (At least once a week)
Seriously de-cluttering the room!
More water! Lots of Water!
Keep up & catch up with friends as much as possible - Just got to maintain it!

Travel to Seoul & Busan - Tickets booked!
Christmas & Countdown in Singapore?
Shorter list, better quality? I really do hope so!
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