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Friday, April 7, 2017
Trimming in a Breeze!

There are so many grooming trimmers on the market right now, and it's hard to know which one really work for you. How do you know if the trimmers really work for every buck paid? What if I told you that there's one item out there that does a pretty nice job of tidying both your brows and bikini line? (And there's no catch to it, thanks to a 2-sided prevision head!)

Well, these days brows are not exactly the kind of thing that you'll ignore. (Honestly, I used to ignore them). And it's really something that you've got to take into consideration when dolling yourself up. With eyebrow threading coming in around RM12, trimming at RM 35++ or waxing at RM40++ (and it gets even more expensive.), this can be quite an expensive bit of maintenance. So here's the game changing way out. 

With cutting blades that are specially designed to never touch the skin during usage, there won't be any risk of cuts. (Yay!) But be sure to clip your fringe away  or you'll notice a couple of snips off! What's even better is that this device need not be connected to any electrical plugs. Just toss it into your bag (with the beauty pouch provided) and you're good to bring them anywhere!

So here's what you get in your package

| 2mm & 4mm comb attachment

Replaceable 2-sided trimming

Comb attachment

Replaceable bikini trimming head: 20mm

Gadget with AA battery

Styler cap & Cleaning brush

| Beauty pouch

Definitely loving it since this is going to help me save in the long run. Plus, it is easy to use and travel friendly! Packing it into my luggage for Bangkok already.

PS: Get yours at major pharmacies or online retailers at RM119.00 (or even lower if there's a special promotion going-on! You just got to hunt for the best price!)

PPS: Get yours on for only RM92++!
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