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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
“How about a not-so-traditional CNY Dinner?  
Forget about the old-school ching chong ling longs CNY dinner because Mezze Lounge & Bar is offering you and your family a whole new porky experience with their Limited-Time Only Lunar Porky Specials.

Order the dishes of your choice and fill the table with a whole lot of scrumptious porky dishes. I had my fair share and would definitely love to head back for another round of porky indulgence. It would be best to go in a bigger group as the portions are huge and you'll then be able to try more dishes.

Smoked Ham Hock Knuckle (RM88++) | Ham Hock Croquettes (RM19.90++)
Smoked on the outside, tender on the inside. Enjoy every bite of Smoked Ham Hock Knuckle accompanied with Sauerkraut and Brown Radish Sauce.

Juice Pork Belly Char Siu Lotus Buns (RM23.90++) | Dragonfruit Cocktail
If you're an avid char siu lover, these are not to be missed! You won't be able to resist these melt in your mouth Char Siu wrapped with warm and soft Lotus Buns.

Toulouse Sausage Platter (RM49++)
Seasoned with 5 spices, white wine and brandy, these delicious sausages won't make you drunk! But, get you hooked up. One bite leads to another and another...

French BKT - Pork Knuckle Stew (RM88++)
Infused with Honey & Sage, savour every mouthful of Pork Knuckle Stew accompanied with Deep-Fried Flower Roll Buns.

Pork Platter - Sharing Board (RM98++)
Share the love, share the porky! Have a little bit of everything on this platter. From Juicy Pork Belly Char Siu to Pork Chorizo, Crispy Pork Belly (aka Siu Yuk), Black Forest Ham and even Toulouse Sausage with Mash Potatoes!

These yummy dishes are available from 10th January 2017 onwards until 11th of February 2017! Do bare in mind that you should always make reservations prior to paying them a visit as they're always full!

Mezze Bistro & Bar's operation hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 4pm onward
Friday & Saturday: 11am onward
Sunday: Close

Website :
Facebook : /mezzebarbistro
Instagram : @mezzebarbistro
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