Towards A Successful 2017

Friday, December 30, 2016
Grey Knit Sweater: Zara | Faux Leather Skirt: ASOS | Bracelet: Balenciaga | Bag: Furla Metropolis
“End 2016, Begin 2017!  

It is that time of the year again. To reflect on how the year had been, milestones achieved and of course to plan towards a better 2017! Highlights of the year includes...


Traveled the world in 7 seas? Wished I did that! This year, I'm blessed enough to travel  to 3 different countries this. With Singapore being the first stop with 9 hectic days but with the most amazing girls that I've ever met!

Our very first flight together was to Bali in July for Celex's wedding. And finally Bangkok to celebrate the husband's birthday!


As 2016 had been a very busy career year for me, I slowed down a little in tournaments. However, I still am maintaining my current rating and sponsorship with Cosmo Darts Juggler Queen & Fit Flight. Some of my achievements of the year:

Dartslive Open Malaysia Blind Draw Doubles (Best 64)
Zero Buaya B Flight Singles Stage 3 (Best 8)
Zero Buaya B Flight Singles Stage 5 (Best 16)
Zero Buaya B Flight Singles Grand Finals (Best 32)
Venus 700 Stage 3 & 4 (Best 8)

YOU & Co.

As for You & Co., we planned & decorated 3 events, delivered 4 bouquets and 1 bridal bouquet. It's not a lot but considering my busy year (at work) it's pretty okey!


It's been a roller coaster ride this career year but I've finally settled down at an amazing place to be at!

Can't wait to find out what's in for me in 2017 but I'm definitely in hopes of achieving these Top 5 on my list:

- Pick up Korean language
- Spend Christmas in Seoul
- Continue with Yoga classes
- Keeping this blog alive
- Save more money!!!
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