Night Out | Huckleberry After Dark x Skullduggery

Friday, December 9, 2016
Delish Food, Awesome Cocktails, Great Company!
Come nightfall, Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe transforms into Huckleberry After Dark, specially for those who loved to indulge in good food when the sun sets. With an American Tex-Mex sort of menu, every dish is worth its portion and price.

A night out with my bunny girl, a long overdue one. But we definitely shared lots of stories and laughter throughout the night. We started off with their cheekily named category - Let's Ta-Co 'Bout' It, crunching into their Drop The Bass (RM20.90) battered fish tacos. At Huckleberry After Dark,  abandon all your thoughts of going on a diet as you'll be confronted with pizzas and hotdogs like Return of the Mac (RM26.00).

The night was still young and it was Ladies Night at Skullduggery, a half-hidden cocktail bar located right behind Huckleberry. Upon entering, we were welcomed by a fleet of stairs and a skull costumed figure. Cocktails of the night were Love You Lychee Do (Rum-based) which was very refreshing and Chocolate Berry (Vodka-based) that gives the taste buds a very berry and chocolaty aroma lingering after the sip. No doubt, I will return to this comforting place.
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