Digi Prepaid x Unlimited Daily Passes from RM1?!

Thursday, December 22, 2016
“Gasp! Wait What?

Yup, that’s right! Digi has introduced 3 unlimited passes for their prepaid users from as low as RM1/day, whether it is unlimited talking, surfing or streaming!

For only RM1/day, you get a choice of
- Unlimited Video Streaming (Lite) with Digi Video Freedom partners: YouTube, Iflix, Tonton and Viu
- Unlimited Social (Lite) allows you to surf, watch videos and chat all day long on Facebook.
- Unlimited Internet Calls via Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

At RM3/day, you’ll have a choice of Unlimited Internet (Lite) or Unlimited Calls (Digi to Digi). As for high demand users, you can opt for RM8/day for either Unlimited High Speed Internet or Unlimited Calls to ALL Networks!

This simply means, on days when I’m feeling lazy, I can stay all-day long snuggling under my covers while streaming dramas on Iflix at only RM1!!! Although “Lite” doesn’t offer full speed, it comes with a cap of 512kbps which is optimized for standard definition streaming. But hey, it’s good enough to stream on mobile!

Or when I’m on-the-go for back-to-back meetings and events, all I’ve got to do is top up a little more for unlimited phone calls!

It’s safe to say that I love the freedom of having to switch plans based on my daily lifestyle!

Want to subscribe as well? Just dial *116*2# and look for internet offers. Theses passes are valid for 24 hours upon activation, so start using now!!! Psst, for more info, head over to Digi’s Prepaid Add-on page.
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