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Monday, December 5, 2016
“Commonly Uncommon!
Having to hear about this highly raved coffee place, I've finally decided to give this place a go. Honestly, I've walked pass this place numerous times since I go to the gym right above, but most of the time they're closed (because I go at night).

Now now, don't be fooled by their entrance as it is very spacious inside. And I must say that I was caught by surprise on the interior. Simply gorgeous and welcoming. There's even a waiting area for guests to sit and hang around if there's need to wait.

We got our seats pretty fast (note: you'll have to queue for at least an hour for Breakfast Thieves) and settled down with a cup of coffee each. The usual latte for him and cappuccino for me. Coffee is definitely a must and is really good. 

We then proceeded to order our brunch (lunch). He had the Common Man Full Breakfast (RM39) while I ordered Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble (RM29)
The overall service was pretty ok for us. We'll definitely be back for their coffee, maybe not food. Only setback is that this is probably one of the most pricey places for brunch.
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