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Friday, December 23, 2016
“Leave your mark, not your lipstick stains!

I get it! I seriously understand the frustration of spending time to perfectly apply your favourite lipstick on and then having to find it smudged as the day progresses. It really doesn't matter whether it stains around the rim of your mug or the tissue that you used to wipe your lips (Oh! Simply because you've totally forgotten about having lipstick on).

Fret no more with the all new Kose Lip Gel Magic. With a simple application over your lipstick, you can keep your pout perfectly-defined all day long! I'm pretty sure you'd be asking "How does it work, exactly?"

Curated with a unique Colour Migration Prevention Ingredient - Flourine Coating Powder, this magic gel creates a layer over the lips while thoroughly coating the lipstick to prevent it from migrating onto other surfaces. Plus, you'll no longer have to fear about smudging your favourite lip colour with their Super Lasting Ingredient that latches onto the lipstick colour, holding it in place.

And if you're worried about having dry lips after applying the layer of gel on, worry-not as it is infused with moisturising ingredients such as Squalane and Hyaluronic Asic to keep your lips kissably-soft! So, it's time to pucker up with that favourite lip colour of yours!
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