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Monday, October 17, 2016
“Juggler Queen x Fit Flight!

I must say that is really does feel amazing to renew my contract with Cosmo Darts for my 4th consecutive year. Being with them under Fit Flight for my fourth year and Juggler Queen for my second year. 

I've got to admit that I've been really busy and laying low in darts of late due to work. But hey, I still am passionate about it and I still dart. Not forgetting my brand new sponsor, Teams-ID for the really cute jersey!

The year have been pretty good so far, with achievements to Top 8 and qualifying for Venus 700. I can't wait till Dartslive Open Malaysia in 4 days and Phoenix Cup in December! Also, Venus 700 and Zero Buaya Grand Finals! See all of you at the match ground soon!
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