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Thursday, September 15, 2016
“My suipo is going to be Mrs Lee!

What do you do when your bestie is getting married in a couple of days time? You spare as much time possible to arrange a Hens Night for her. It was more like a gathering for the bridesmaids to work our master plan for this Saturday.

Although we've been busy with our own lives and work, I wanted to shower her with as much love as possible before she become someone else's wife. She is, come what may, my best friend. Working on a theme for the night was simple, decorations were kept minimal with flowers to thank the girls for sparing their time to attend this gathering. Since she didn't want anything extravagant nor wanted any alcohol involved. I guess what's most important was for everyone to spare time (if they could) and attend this little gathering. 

I'm also thankful to have Sean come by after work to assist me. Else, I'd probably won't be able to get everything up before the Bride-to-be arrives. Suipo, hope you enjoyed yourself despite the not-so-good food. LOL. Can't wait to see you this Saturday!
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