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Monday, September 19, 2016
“Dear Best Friend,...”

When Ceres buzzed me if I wanted to give a speech at her wedding, I knew there was no way I would say no to her. I didn't want to bore the guests with any boring old speech. So, I wrote a poem for her (well and Alex too). But I was a little too nervous and ended up changing bits and pieces of the poem. 

Dear Ceres,

Feels like it was only yesterday,
When we first met.
Oh how magical this friendship has turned into,
This friendship of 9 years.

I'm sure that there will be many more 9 years to come,
For our friendship would never end.

You and I were like Siamese twins,
We gelled together so well,
Although as time passes, we may not meet as often,
Yet I'm glad that this friendship never drifted apart.

We shared plenty of laughter,
At times, we shed some tears,
We swapped stories about guys,
And those days of partying are over.

But this man that you've chosen,
He's different from the rest.
He showers you with love and happiness,
He shows you how blessed life is to be loved.

On this day I give you my blessing,
I wish you happiness until the end of time.

But do keep this in mind,
That you will always and forever,
Be my best friend.

Dear Alex,

On this day, I too give you my blessing.
I thank you for appearing
For being my best friend's other half,
and a friend to myself.

I thank you for appearing
For showering my best friend with love and happiness.

But take my word,
For if she ever comes crying to me,
You will find me hunting for you.
High and low, I will.

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