Take A Step | Bangkok Madness Episode 1 x Part Two

Friday, September 30, 2016
“Eat, walk, shop, repeat!

We slept in a little on our second day because I knew that it would be way more exhausting for the husband. (Hint: A lot of walking)

Started off the day with our some poser shots before heading over for our dose of pork burger! Samurai Pork Burger and Kurobota Pork Burger at McD!

After filling our hungry tummies, it was time for coffee (erm and dessert) at Mr Jones Orphanage. I was pretty disappointed when they told us that they were closing at 9.30 the night before. And so we're back, at the ultimate teddy bear dessert heaven for their Choky Mud Pie and Iced Latte.

And off we hopped on to the Sky Train towards Chatuchak Weekend Market. Third time in Bangkok and I'm finally here! From one soi to another, from coconut ice cream to som tam, we definitely had an awesome sweaty afternoon. Honestly speaking, with the high exchange rate, it isn't as cheap as before to shop in Bangkok but still worthwhile if you're up for something different. The initial plan was to stay till closure but by 6pm, we were already dragging our feet back to Central World.

Took a break and had ice cream at Frozen Bride (7th Floor at Central World, near ZEN). Awh, pretty rose ice cream  (yummy too!) at only THB159!

And finally, dinner at the roadside outside of Central World (you can't miss it!) We ordered a little too much but it was definitely world indulging in after all the walking.  After dinner, we dragged ourselves back to our hostel to freshen up before heading back out for massage.
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