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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
“A meow-ing Afternoon.

September have been a busy month so far. With work, catching up with the bestie, gym and of course a big chunk of my time go to my other half. The fact that he has been travelling to and forth to Iskandar, I don't get to see him as much as when we were dating.

Which means every time he returns, we try to spend as much time possible with each other. Heading out to try a new cafe, catch a movie or even head to parks to catch pokemons. This time around, we visited Coffee Cottle. I like how it's a small space but gives a warm cozy feeling. There's even a small cat house outside with two playful kitties hanging around us. The bigger one even tried to sneak its way to my cup of cappuccino. And yes, the coffee is good.

Ah yes, this little fatty decided to take a nap on our table while we posed for our shots. If you're an animal (kitty) lover who also loves coffee, this might be a place that you'll want to hang out at. :D
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  1. Owh. not for me then. not really a pet lover and always felt it's not that hygienic to eat and drink with a pet around especially on the table. but nice photos anyway. ;)


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