Take A Step | Breathtaking Bali Episode 1.0 Part Four

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
“And then it was time to say goodbye...

It rained that morning, as though Bali was upset that we were leaving. If we could, we'd definitely stay a little longer. But hey, there's always a next time, a next trip to Bali in the future.

Before leaving, we walked down the streets to hunt for breakfast. Little did we know that the shops only opens at 10 am, and we were already out at 9.30 am. We settled at a small shop for some rice. Nothing fancy but the hubby was indeed satisfied with the sambal he had there. 

We got ourselves an uber who tooks us back to the hotel to check-out, he even offered to bring us to a souvenir shop that was only 5 mins drive away before dropping us at the airport. Definitely way cheaper than getting a driver or a cab. We had a little something to fill our tummies before flight and then we took off for homeland. 

Till we meet again, Bali!
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