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Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Sweats: Zara | Necklace: Lovisa | Bracelet: Balenciaga | Kicks: Nike | Backpack: Aldo
“To seek and to be seek.

What I seek, is what everyone else too is seeking. Yet, none of us are able to achieve, for all of us are being held captive, and turned into handicap humans.

Black Dress & Scarf : H&M | Kicks: Nike | Backpack: Aldo

It's been awhile since I last penned down random thoughts like this. Probably just that holiday mood that's hidden at the back corner of my mind, trying to squeeze its way through. Or perhaps its just random exhaustion. From all the thinking.

Will I be able to achieve what I'm seeking? Or will I not? Will I dread from exhaustion? Or will I be even stronger?

Well, for now, I'll continue trying, I'll hang on. And I'll be counting down to my long awaited trip to Bali.
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