A Whole New Ball Game

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
White Shirt: Topshop | Black Skater : Sg Wang (Old) | Stockings: H&M | Boots: Zara
“You just got to take the leap!

It isn't easy, it never was. No one ever said life would be easy anyway. But hey, there are times when you've just got to trust yourself and take that leap of faith. (Sounds like I'm about to do something crazy eh?) Well, no.

At times, random thoughts enjoy swimming through my mind, giving me this invisible push just blab it all out on my blog. Or, it could just be any random reason for me to write and not leave my blog dead. 

I didn't mean to. I have been busy. Like real busy. Or perhaps this is just another lame excuse. Time is to be managed, right? 

Right now, all I need is just a tad bit of time to work the impossible, possible. Because, there's no reason to give up without even trying.

Till then, I have a couple of reviews to update real soon!
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