Take A Step | Hey There Singapore Episode 1.0 Part Three

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
“Feel fabulous, be fabulous!

With the overwhelming amount of work, meetings and staying awake for at least 16 hours or more for the past few days, right now all I can think of is my snuggly bed back at home and cuddle time with the husband.

It has been really hectic. I've yet to find time to meet anyone else besides my brother-in-law and his girlfriend nor sneak out to the malls. Meals are mainly in the food courts or takeaway rice.

We're finally done with the first event at Shangri-la. Dealt with a couple of major hiccups, but thank goodness the event ended well. I'm pretty positive that tomorrow will be another chaotic day. I can only hope for the best with as minimal hiccup as possible. Hopefully everything would be better after tomorrow! Definitely burning out.
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