Take A Step | Hey There Singapore Episode 1.0 Part One

Friday, May 27, 2016
“Adieu Malaysia, Hello Lion City!

So here I am at the airport drafting this blog post as I am waiting for my flight to Singapore, being away from the husband for the next 9 days. My consciousness tells me that the next 9 days will be hectic, not because I'd be busy having fun, but busy running around like a lost chick trying to get work done. Yes, this is a Business Trip.

You probably won't hear from me for the next few days. I foresee that I'd probably be all drained out by the end of the day and would only think of my hotel bed. Not only me, but the rest of us as well. We'll see if I'll have the time and energy to blog a little bit more or at least update my Instagram. Hopefully, I'd still have a tad bit of excitement and energy to find time to explore a cafe or two, or even meet up with a friend or two. (Still feeling a lil hopeful). Till then, we shall see what's in for me.
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