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Thursday, May 12, 2016
“Because I am thankful to have you!

No, I've not abandoned my blog. In fact, I've not been updating Instagram as often as before as well. And yes, I've been extremely busy that all I think of after work is sleep, sleep and SLEEP! Although I still am in a very sleepy state, I managed to catch a couple of minutes to reflect on my current situation. It's been a while since I dedicate a blog post for hubby, so here goes!

Whether it is 9.30am or after work, he's all ears to listen to rants and complains. I'm thankful to have him be my #1 listener

Through the toughest times, through days when I'm all stressed up and feeling demotivated, he's always there to lift my spirits up. Taking me out on a quick dinner date or a quick coffee night out.

While I commute to work by train, leaving work after 8pm would be too dark to walk over to the train station. Plus, I'd be too exhausted by then. I'm thanksful to have him to wait for me after work only to head over to the city to pick me up. 
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  1. Simple things mean everything! You found your Mr.Right! :)


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