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Friday, May 20, 2016
“Mamonde, Inspired by Flowers!

Weekends are when I get to sleep in and snuggle until I'm ready to drag my lazy butt up from bed. But, I woke up early on one particular Saturday morning only because it was for Mamonde!

The launch started with breakfast together with a presentation on how the name MyMamonde came about and what Mamonde is about. Kudos to the team for the professionally arranged presentation in Korean with English translation.

After the presentation, we were taken on a beautiful journey of flower science. Amazed and mesmerized by the beautiful set up, each and every one of us couldn't help but snap away on our cameras.

It's amazing how they managed to turn science into something so beautiful! Oh my!!!

What's a brand/product revealing without the full range of presentation and tester? Truly honoured to be given the chance to be one of the many to try out and understand further about the product.

Can't wait till the official launch in August!

Before the end of the event, we were tasked to be creative with flowers. My artwork was inspired by beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately, I wasn't picked as the Top 5 to take home the products.

Thank you The Butterfly Project and Amore Pacific for having me! Can't wait till the product is out for sale!
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