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Thursday, April 14, 2016
“After all, it's a 9 to 6 job. (Actually, NO! It's a pass 8pm job!)”

Moving on to a new job that's located in the big city is pretty challenging. Instead of enjoying the comfort of waking up at 8 and still be on time for work at 9, things have now changed. It's been a crazy hectic first week I must say. With the idea of adventure being out there, here's how it has been going for me.


Working in the city from 9 to 6 can only mean that I have to brace through the rush hour. Although I am now taking the train (you'll read more about it next), there'sstill need to travel to the train station to and fro from home. I no longer have the comfort of getting up at 8am and, still be on time for work at 9am.

Bedtime is now by 12am (latest, preferably before 11pm) and its rise and shine at 6.45am!


You've read it right. Now that I work in the city, the beauty of it is that I can ditch driving through the rush hour. Unfortunately, this is KL, the rush hour also means getting squished in packed LRT cabins - to and from work. Which is why I leave for work at 7.30am to catch the earlier coach and avoid the packed trains. If I'm lucky enough, I get a seat on the way home. Not to mention the distance from the station to my office building - another 10 minutes walk. Pretty good exercise, no?


Its pretty straightforward. Since I commute via train, heels is not an option when I have to walk about 650 metres to my office and another 650 metres back to the station after work. What I usually do I'll wear my flats out and leave a pair of heels in the office.


Nope, it's not Nescafe I'm talking about. Nescafe no longer works magic on this sleepy head. Starbucks is just probably my last resort as well. There's only ONE solution to keeping this sleepy head going for the day - an awesomely good cup of coffee.


Sales, discounts, latest, new-in, new arrival - all these are devilish temptations. The best way is to avoid the malls at all cost! This way, I won't be spending the extra penny on unnecessary things (well...maybe a thing or two won't hurt? :D)

It's been pretty interesting, so far. I'm looking forward to this crazy year!
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