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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“More than meets the eye!”

We girls love playing with cosmetics around our eyes. It's something that we enjoy doing, making sure that our eyes look bright and beautiful throughout the day. From shades of shadow to eyeliners and mascara. Not forgetting falsies for special occasions (Or perhaps extensions). It's not that we don't know how important our eyes are, yet we tend to neglect taking good care of it.

Ever since I've tried the "cool" version of Rohto eye drops when I was in Hong Kong (January 2015), I've been hunting high and low for in Malaysia it but always end up in vain. I really must say that it is my favourite eye drop so far! Why so? Read on to find out more!

We live in a digitally inclined era (Well, I work in a digitally inclined industry - Digital Marketing), whereby everything we do revolves around spending long hours in front of electronic devices - TV, smartphones, computers, etc. and all of these leads to strained and dry eyes. There are many ways of giving your pair (or in this case, my pair) of eyes a quick break - (1) turning my eyes away from these devices and staring at greens (if possible) or (2) using the right bottle of eyes drops; the perfect solution!

Let me present to you my favourite bottle of eye drops - Rohto Eye Drops - Cool (Tired Eyes Relief). Probably the tiniest yet coolest bottle of eye drops that you will lay your eyes on.

Here's why! With a unique cooling formula that provides an instant cooling sensation, you may feel a tinge of stingy sensation at first use (worry not as it actually isn't stinging your eyes). Unlike your usual eye drops, this stinging sensation is actually a cooling formula that aids in producing natural tears to soothe your eyes and reduce eye fatigue. Try dropping a drop and then closing your eyes for 5 seconds before opening your eyes again. Your eyes will definitely thank you for this as they will instantly feel more refreshed! Best part? You can use it with contact lens!

Rohto also launched the Aqua series (with or without contact lens) and Dry Aid Series (without contact lens) to cater to different needs. And they always ensure consistent safety and quality through strong compliances to applicable regulations and standards.

What I really like most about this tiny bottle is that it is conveniently packaged in a slim and sleek non-squirting, single drop dispenser transparent bottle. This is so that users are able to tell if the content is clean and fresh or not.

Remember, your eyes are important. So, be sure to take good care of them! Grab your bottle of Rohto Cool Eye Drop (RM 16.90) at any leading pharmacies or hypermarkets near you!
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