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Make It Happen | ASNTM 4 x Tuti

Monday, April 18, 2016
“Make It Happen x Tuti

Before I begin, I apologize for the lack of update and for this backlog post. I've been extremely busy with my new job and exhausted with the new hours as well as travelling. No more comfort of waking up at 8am and still being on time for work.

Work | Surviving the City

Thursday, April 14, 2016
“After all, it's a 9 to 6 job. (Actually, NO! It's a pass 8pm job!)”

Moving on to a new job that's located in the big city is pretty challenging. Instead of enjoying the comfort of waking up at 8 and still be on time for work at 9, things have now changed. It's been a crazy hectic first week I must say. With the idea of adventure being out there, here's how it has been going for me.

Bedtime Mask | Mediheal

Monday, April 11, 2016

“Mediheal = Medical Healing

By now, you should be able to tell that I'm head over heels when it comes to masks. I'm pretty religious when it comes to mask sessions. Whether it is sleeping mask or clay masks, you name it. After a long day at work and by the time I have had my shower, its already 10 or so and that's when I get to relax and work on my beauty routine. Sheet masks are amazing for instantly revitalising your skin! Plus, there's probably more than thousands of sheet mask for any skin issue that you can think of!

Beauty in the Eyes | Rohto Cool Eye Drops

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“More than meets the eye!”

We girls love playing with cosmetics around our eyes. It's something that we enjoy doing, making sure that our eyes look bright and beautiful throughout the day. From shades of shadow to eyeliners and mascara. Not forgetting falsies for special occasions (Or perhaps extensions). It's not that we don't know how important our eyes are, yet we tend to neglect taking good care of it.

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