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Thursday, March 31, 2016
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Ramen anyone? ラーメンを食べたいか?

It's been awhile since my last foodie blog post. Ever since my first visit, I've been back to this place numerous times. So, meet my new favourite ramen place - Menya Musashi.

Menya Musashi originated from Tokyo. Based on a samurai theme of a very popular samurai icon of the Edo era, Miyamoto Musashi Miyamoto. Entering the outlet, you will definitely be blown away by their high-spirited team. I like how their lively team of chefs would from time to time let out enthusiastic shouts while they prepare and cook, filling the dining area with lots of energy! (You'll get what I mean if you've been there.)

Musashi Ramen | Shiro (RM 26.00)

With 5 different broth flavours to select from - Shiro (Garlic) | Aka (Chili Oil) | Ki (Curry) | Kuro (Special Oil with Fried Shallots) | Aka x Ki | Aka x Kuro, there's so much to explore. Plus, the portion is pretty big for the price that you're paying. We'd always joke about how their cleaners won't have to wash their bowls after our meals as we always finish up everything before leaving (yup, including the broth).

Mentai Rice (RM 10.00)

Besides ramen, they serve other dishes as well. My all-time favourite is their Mentai Rice (This dish tends to be on the dry side and is pretty hard to stir the mentai, nori and rice equally. Especially for first timers.). But I like the fact that they are really generous with their Mentai (as compared to local Japanese-styled restaurants) and I'd always leave with a happy stomach. I call it my Happy Meal.

Gyoza (RM 9.00)

The other must-try dish on the list is their Gyoza. To me, every bite feels like heaven. From the crispy grilled layer to the inner juicy meat. Yums

The next time you're in 1Utama and have no idea what to have for your next meal, perhaps you might want to give this a try, but be sure to be early (especially on weekdays) as there's a high possibility of waiting in line for your turn.
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  1. I love this place! Always my go-to ramen place in PJ <3


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