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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“Coffee, tea or ice cream?!”

Every now and then, the both of us prefer to take a break from dart practice to spend quality time together (especially now that he travels a lot and we don't get to spend as much time together). Most of the time, we'd be having talks over a cup of coffee, taking lots of pictures, going out for movie dates, playing games together or just at home snuggling.

We're pretty much a coffee-loving couple but the thing is, we tend to only go back to places that we're really comfortable being at. For instance, Rekindle (because they have good coffee, dart machines for us to practice and really friendly staffs!), Procaffeenating (I've got a year supply of awesomely good coffee) and perhaps Pickle & Fig (which I've yet to blog about).

So, we've finally decided that it's time we start to explore new places and enjoy more coffee which brings us to Food Foundry. To be honest, we were pretty surprised when we were served the small glass of iced latte (not the usual size you get) but even more surprised and happy after taking our first sip. Indeed it was a glassful of quality latte.

And of course, I do get to indulge in good ice cream at least once a month. Especially on days when I'm really stressed up or upset for some particular reason. So there we are, once again, indulging in ice cream. I had their Tsujiri Matcha Parfait (RM 16.50) which is a little pricey while the husband had Matcha Latte (RM 11).

Honestly speaking, I really like the texture of their Matcha ice cream. I really enjoyed the smooth texture and the fact that its not as too sweet or too milky as compared to other places. I geuss its safe to say that I'm pretty sure that I'd be back to try more of Tsujiri. :D

Unless, I get to visit the original outlet in Kyoto (highley unlikely) before I'm back here for more!
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