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Monday, February 29, 2016
“Flowers are the way to a woman's heart!”

It's the last day of Fabulous February (also a day that happens once every four years). I'm truly grateful that You & Co. received another two bouquet orders this month (make it three with an extra effort that I've put in for Valentines this year).

Basically, the first bouquet was ordered and delivered on the last day of January. Ordered by the ever lovely sweetheart Illy, the both of us decided to deliver a belated bouquet surprise to Yukiko. Knowing that the ever lovely Yukiko loves white, we bundled some beautiful Two Tone Roses with White Sweet Williams.

A couple of days later, Jing came to us and requested for a huge bunch for his wife for their anniversary which falls on Valentines Day. He wanted something different. Hence, You & Co. suggested White Lilies with Pink Sweet Williams and Purple Casphias.
Since I was working on a project to review some skincare products, I've decided to get myself some Pink Tulips (I would have gotten Peonies instead if they had them in stock) and bundle them up with Dusty Millers and Purple Casphias (they are some of my favourites too) before handing them over to the hubby on Valentines morning. :D 

There you have it. You & Co.'s February flowers. Are we turning into a florist? Perhaps. But we're still passionate about decorating parties, weddings and events!
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