Tokyo Luxey x Keio Plaza Hotel Meet Up

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It was truly an honour to be invited and be a part of Tokyo Luxey x Keio Plaza Hotel's meet up event together with the other influencers organised by Alvinology Media (AM). And for the very first time (after learning Japanese for the past 2 years), I've finally had the chance to put good use and try to converse in Japanese!

Tokyo Luxey's Chie-san introduced herself with a brief opening speech before handing over to Junko-san as well as Sunaho-san to introduce further about Keio Plaza Hotel and their superbly awesome upcoming events! Here are some to share!


Every season or festive, the team at Keio Plaza Hotel would imagine and create a magical buffet line of scrumptious desserts for their guests to feast upon. From luxurious strawberries (ichigo 苺) to Alice in the Wonderland themes, Keio Plaza Hotel would definitely sweep your feet off the ground!

いろいろな食べ物 variety choices of meals

With a variety of selections from succulent Kobe Beef to the authentic flavours of Sushi, Tempura, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Soba, Udon, Ramen and even Sashimi to choose from, there's no way to go on a diet at Keio Plaza Hotel. They also offer Kaiseki (懐石料理), a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner.

And by night falls, don't forget to head upstairs to enjoy the beautiful view from the sky bar while skipping cocktails mixed by their award-winning bartenders.


Celebrating all the girls in Japan, Hina-Matsuri is a Girl's Doll Festival celebrated on the 3rd of March. Keio Plaza Hotel will also be taking part in this event by decorating their hotel lobby with stunningly beautiful Hina-Matsuri ornaments as well as serving special meals. Each and every ornament is specially crafted using precious antique silk cloth which carries its own meaning as a charm to bring happiness to girls.


Hello Kitty Princess Room or Hello Kitty Town Room? I'd say both are equally beautiful! Decorated with all original Sanrio Hello Kitty furniture, Keio Plaza Hotel's Hello Kitty is a special design of its own with blushing pink cheeks and eyelashes. The hubby would probably say NO to staying in the pink room (although I'd prefer that more LOL). Plus point, guests are allowed to take the adorable limited edition kitty plush home (they try to change new designs yearly!).


Cherry Blossom or commonly known as Sakura by the Japanese is simply one of the most beautiful natural scenery every April in Tokyo. While the hubby had seen this before, it still is my dream to be there with him someday to witness this beautiful phenomenon!
yukata wedding experience
And for the ultimate bucket list!

To have my weddingmoon in Hokkaido (which I'm already planning) and to experience the traditional Yukata wedding ceremony at Keio Plaza Hotel (currently available only at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo). How can I miss this amazing experience if I'm already planning to head over to Japan (soon!)

All images taken from Keio Plaza Hotel's Facebook & Website. :)

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is located in the heart of Tokyo - Shinjuku! 

Oh, how i wished that I could bring this cute lil kitty home with me~ Once again, thank you for having me! ありがとうございました。本当に嬉しいでしょう!
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