The Art of SKIN Ceremony

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The year started off pretty hectic (and it's not going to stop anytime soon). And I truly am thankful that all those stressful days have yet to take a toll on my skin. Today, I'd like to introduce the Kose Sekkisei range. I love every single bit of their oriental formula which moisturises, brightens and even out skin tone, giving me the glow from within! Here are the three steps (some are either or) that I've been incorporating into my "skincare ceremony" day and night to maintain a fresh face for this crazy year!

Infused with Rubus Suavissmus Extract that soothes skin from UV ray damages, this cleanser revitalises and replenishes your skin every time you use it!

Cleansing is definitely the MOST essential part of the skincare routine. Without proper cleansing, leftover makeup will live on your face overnight and result in aging skin over time (plus leaving it dull the next morning). This is where the Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (140ml/ RM131.40) comes into picture. Giving a mild cleansing wash that works wonders in removing impurities yet gentle enough to maintain the skin's moisture. 

Coix Seed extracts instantly brighten skin tone and enhances skin translucency! 

The start product of the Sekkisei series is this bottle of Sekkisei Lotion (200ml / RM180.20 | 360ml/ RM275.60). This watery lotion gives the skin a cooling and refreshing sensation that preps my face for the emulsion. It is so lightweight and is such a great way to infuse my skin with much more nutrients. This lotion penetrates deeply into the skin, which almost instantly brightens the skin tone, creating and even glow! 
Compact and easy to pack, not your average sheet mask.

Bihadagoyomi Mask is basically sheet mask with a twist. It also works perfectly as an alternative to the Sekkisei Lotion. It's a quick lotion mask which offers 10 times higher moisture that instantly brightens and rejuvenates the skin, at the same time, renewing my senses.

As easy as dropping the mask tablet into the Sekkisei Lotion lotion cap and soak it in before placing on your face.

Oily skin or dry skin, NEVER miss the step of moisturising!

The biggest misinterpretation of oily skin is to avoid putting on moisturiser. Little did they know that it is their dry skin that is training to maintain a certain level of moisture. Hence, producing exessive oil which results in oily skin. The Sekkisei Emulsion (140ml / RM191.80) is simply the best in working deep into the skin, keeping it soft and moisturised without giving the skin a sticky after use feeling. 
Easy-to-use peel-off mask to effectively remove blackheads to refine pores and improve skin clarity!

KOSÉ’s bestseller, the Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask (80g / RM94.30) is infused with Red Oolong Tea extracts that tighten pores and Chinese Quince extract to tackle visible pores and control sebum. Be sure to avoid spreading near the hairline when using.

I must say, this is my favourite out of all and my skin feels much cleaner after using it.

A beauty routine isn't only a time to focus on self-care but is also time for daily reflection. And I truly enjoy every moment of my skin ceremony. To me, it feels like an art, just like the art of tea ceremony. 
Even though I have makeup on daily, I do care a lot about having good natural skin. That's why if you guys have yet to notice, I've been focusing more on using of great skin care products to achieve natural, translucent glowing skin, rather than covering it with makeup. Plus, I've been pretty lazy on waking up early to cover every-single-acne scar and the hubby prefers me this way. :D I really hope I can maintain my current skin condition or even better, healthier skin despite my upcoming hectic schedule!

Trying out new products can be pretty risky and expensive if it isn't suitable. Right now, KOSÉ is offering their Sekkisei Trial Kit of every product that I've reviewed above for only RM99! An offer you simply wouldn't want to miss! Plus, it's the perfect travel size (right on time for CNY travelling!)

There's also a limited edition Sekkisei Lotion Sakura Bottle going at RM331.70 for 500ml. Get it while you can!

PS: Wanted to do an unboxing video but unfortunately, the surprise helium balloon didn't make it in one piece upon arrival. :( Nevertheless, I really appreciate the effort put into giving every one of us such a sweet Pre-Valentines surprise!

PPS: Thank you Butterfly Project for having me on board!

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