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Monday, January 11, 2016

With their first outlet at Wisma Cosway, Hayadon is finally out of KL City Centre with their 4th outlet located in DaMen USJ. This outlet is the first izakaya concept serving both Donburi & Udon with an affordable price.

Inspired by the Japanese culture, Hayadon offers quick and healthy yet affordable, value for money meals that are served as fast as fast foods. The concept of this outlet is of its first being an izakaya stall.

Hubby and I ordered the Curry Chicken Don (RM14.90 - Set | RM12.90 Ala-Carte) and Grilled Saba Don (RM14.90 - Set | RM12.90 Ala-Carte). The Grilled Saba Don is new on the menu and at first bite, I was taken away with the freshness of the fish served. I really must say that I enjoyed my meal although the fish was slightly over-grilled. Plus, you can tell that they serve Premium Japanese Rice! Yums!

Hubby enjoyed his Curry Chicken Don (which is also their best seller) and according to him, they served deliciously fresh succulent meat (not your regular over-bought-amount-of-meat and is frozen for a long time). We would prefer the curry to be a lil spicier (since most Malaysians enjoy spicy food) or perhaps they could work on a spicy level chart.

hayadon @ Da:men
The food was so good that I totally forgotten to selfie until i slurped everything clean!

I'd definitely return (if only it's nearer to me!) but hey, I can always head over to their other outlets in KL!

Lot LG-42, Level LG
Da:Men USJ
Hayadon Facebook

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