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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Its been a month since my Registration of Marriage, friends have been asking me the same question. (not that I'm complaining) "So...How's married life?" and "When is the big day?"


I guess it's pretty much the same even after we've signed the papers. We hang out, practice darts, go for movies, argue over the stupidest matters.(well, the same old boring things). Besides the fact that he was away from two weeks after we got married. I guess the "new" would definitely be me learning and figuring out how to cook and that I've made dinner twice so far. (It's not something to be very proud of but I've never really cooked besides pasta). So, yeah! It's an achievement unlocked.

Also, since our hair was growing a little too long. (with mine getting harder to maintain), the both of us decided to head over to Number76 over the weekend to get the magic hands of Amy & Han to work their magic. Instead of looking our age, they've never failed to make the both of us look way younger. LOL!

The "Big Day", will eventually come but not anytime soon. Perhaps two or maybe three years down the road. Like they say, good things comes to those who waits. Preparations takes time. :D

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