#JxY_ | Legally Married x Lunch Reception at Proof

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We wanted to have a lunch reception right after the ceremony at Thean Hou to thank our guests for coming. So, once we've gotten our dates and budget laid out, I started scouting for a place.

I wanted a place that was quiet, new and instagram-worthy (me being me). So, while scouting for venue for our lunch reception, I came across this place. Because it was relatively new and (yet to be popular), there weren't many pictures but every picture we saw showed how gorgeous the place was.

So, we checked the place out on my birthday. Right there and then, we agreed to having this place for our lunch reception. Food is amazingly good and the view is simply mesmerising!

On the night before the actual day, Sean picked me up to set up part of the decorations.Unfortunately, Sean didn't notice the small divider while turning into the car park and crashed his car. So, the exhausted hubby (fiance then) came to the rescue. We put up as much as we could (besides the table and balloons set up since the cafe was opened for business in the morning before our lunch reception.)

Right after the ceremony at Thean Hou, Pek Chek Kaki assisted me in setting up with the rest of the decorations (Thank god for awesome friends!) within the shortest period of time (15 minutes). After Vince took pictures of the setup, we then welcome our guests into the venue! (wipes sweat and put on heels again.)

I'm really thankful for the team at Proof Cafe for taking the time to memorize each and every guests' allocated seating (given about a week) and their meals with no errors serving the right selection for each and every guest.

After the tummies were filled, we had a really (extremely) short Thank You Speech followed by champagne popping (Sorry Sean for popping the cork to your back but I'm sure all of us had a good laugh! Hehehehe...) After that, we cut our wedding cake (and feed each other) before serving the rest to our guests. :D

We do hope that each and every one of our guests enjoyed their time spent with us (and the food). After our guests left the venue, we packed up and took a couple of really pretty photos thanks to Vince.

Photos by: Vince Khoo | Studio VK

Coming up next, Confessions of a DIY Bride! :D
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  1. The decors are so pretty!! Surely you've done great job babe :) congrats btw...i love your tutu skirt too

    1. Ngawwww thanks babe! It was really hectic to do everything on my own ><"


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