Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Santa came early this Christmas! Sephora and Milk PR (together with KittyYiyi) decided to be Santa with some awesome Christmas presents! Thanks to them, both Yukiko and I got to enjoy a day out (with awesome people) and shop our hearts out!

It's amazing how a year has passed and Christmas is in a couple of weeks time! Which means it really is the time of the year to shop your hearts out for gifts and presents for yourself and your loved ones.

So, we've made a couple of purchases the other day (well, more like Yukiko did the purchases but I got the goods), and I've finally managed to get the shots that I've wanted for this blog post! YAY!

I've always had a thing for red lipstick and I fell in love with Burberry's Military Red instantly. Sadly I have a pair of lips that wouldn't allow me to put any lipstick on. When I say my lips wouldn't allow me to put anything on, I mean by I have thin lips that doesn't have a nice shape. (Or maybe I should really figure out and experiment on lip liner and other ways to get them on.) So, since I've gotten a miniature version of this lipstick, I've finally made an effort to try putting it on (Mind you, not for the first time) and taadaaah here's the outcome.

I really must say that getting the holiday glow is so much easier with Burberry's Fresh Glow (Festive Gold Christmas Edition) as its more shimmery. Plus Burberry's Festive Gold Eye Colour, how can you not get the shimmering glow needed for this holiday season?

I love it how we spend our day talking about almost everything and laying out crazy ass plans and ideas on how we can work our lives out together. This sweet creative awesome girl wayyyy too kind and generous in every way possible.

PS: Being relatively new in Beauty blogging is pretty challenging for me. Although I do love cosmetics and dolling myself, blogging about things like these seems different. Even taking pictures of products (especially swatches) are wayyyyyy harder!
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