Thursday, December 31, 2015

Twenty Fifteen is definitely an amazing year of achieving many new milestones. Even more amazing to achieve these milestones with my other half. Highlighting some of the craziest moments.

This was definitely the most spontaneous decision that I've made throughout the year. Bought my flight tickets two weeks before flying to Hong Kong. Enjoyed a girly day out at Disneyland and finally got to enjoy my Stinky Tofu. Highlight of this trip was taking the bus to the airport and flying back all alone. It was truly an amazing experience.


I've finally broke my "curse" of being stuck at RT 5 (Dartslive) and RT 7 (Phoenix) by achieving RT 7 (Dartslive) and RT 10 (Phoenix). Extended sponsorship with Fit Flight plus new sponsorship from Cosmo Darts Juggler Queen. Participated in The World Stage 5 which was one of the most amazing experience ever! Group Champion Super League Season 4 Division 4. Top 8 for both Season 4 & 5. Achieved Most Improved Female Player in Super League Season 5.

Also participated in MSDO as well as Phoenix The Doubles twice and achieved Best 32.

And taken a leap into B Flight tournaments and achieved Top 8 (although I was only a step away from Top 4 but I did perform way better than expected). It's time to bid goodbye to all the Rookie & C Flight tournaments.



You & Co. (formerly known as Momento Da Falova) is my little baby that I've started since November 2013. Some of you may already have realized that I do have a day job but at the same time I still plan and decorate weddings, events and even deliver bouquets.

For 2015 we've...
Planned & Decorated 3 Birthday Parties & 2 Weddings
Delivered 6 Bouquets

and we're definitely aiming for a better 2016!

The day I assisted the bestie's boyfriend in preparing the set up was the busiest day in my life for 2015 (no, not even my ROM) but watching her being proposed to was one of the happiest moments. That very moment I cried of happiness for my best friend.

Got engaged & married

Highlight of the Year goes to upgrading our status from In A Relationship to Engaged and then Legally Married. The Chinese Ceremony will not be coming anytime soon, so not babies anytime soon either. :D



There are a couple more important moments in 2015 (that I don't have pictures of) such as:

- Committing to my very first car
- Traveled to Ipoh 4 times!
- Separation from the Hubby for 2 weeks (it's a lot to handle)
- Started cooking (a lil bit)
- Ate a lot of ICE CREAM!
- Cut my hair shorter than last year :D



I've been skipping resolutions for the past 2 years (only because I tend to procrastinate a lot). So for Twenty Sixteen,

- Getting a place where JxY can call HOME!
- More projects for You & Co.
- Renew Google AdWords & Analytic Cert (Feb / March)
- Travel out of the country with Hubby
- Learn to cook (and cook) more
- Be a better person (emotionally and be more selfless)
- Keep this Blog alive and running!
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