#JxY_ | Legally Married x Registration at Thean Hou

Monday, November 30, 2015

A couple of months back before the actual day, the both of us took a day off to travel to and fro from Thean Hou temple to JPN Office and back to Thean Hou temple to submit our forms, get our slot and lock down the date and after everything was done, all we had to do was wait till the actual day... NOT!

After we were done with all the submission was when my "work" began. (i will have a separate blog post for that)
On the weekend just before our ROM, we were all back in Penang for Granny's birthday! so, we had a pretty tight and hectic schedule on Monday noon.  the moment we got back, we had to get the cake and flowers. and then meet up with his family for dinner before setting up part of the decorations at the lunch reception venue. after setting up, the both of us headed back to rest but i guess the kan cheong-ness finally kicked in and the both of us couldn't fall asleep till it was pretty late.


After all the waiting and pre-preparations, the day finally arrives.

We woke up pretty early to get ready and then off he went to pick his family up while i triple check all the other items that we had to bring along with us. Because it's a weekday, we headed over to the temple slightly earlier (just in case there would be jam on the road) but thankfully we were there really early. so we had time to take a couple of shots and catch up with friends.

Waited for about an hour before it was our turn. and when it was finally our turn, the officer decided to pull a trick on the hubby by speaking in mandarin and getting him to say "I DO" in mandarin and so he said "我愿意". *melts* the hubby didn't really understand what the officer said and i had to explain to him later on. (It was pretty funny how our guests teased him for being cheated into saying I DO and signing the papers and that now everything he owns would now be mine...)

oh my! please excuse that chubby face of mine! ><"

The whole registration process was pretty fast. we took a couple of photos inside before the officer came in and then exchange oaths and we're official signed off the market. and so as of that moment onwards, I take you, Justin Looi to be my wedded husband! and you, take me as your wedded wife.

Dear hubby, thank you for falling in love with me and for allowing me to love you like a baby koala who is always clinging on to you while grinning like an idiot. I can't wait to see how our future will be like but i'm sure its gonna be fun! *and challenging*

Right after the the registration ceremony, we headed over to the main stairs to take some group photos with everyone who attended before rushing off to our lunch reception venue! (to finalize the set up before everyone arrives!) Thank god for best friends for lending me their hands in getting everything up!

Photos by: Vince Khoo | Studio VK

Coming up next, lunch reception! :D
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