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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In about a month's time (well slightly more..), the both of us will be marking each other off the market. Being a wedding planner & event decorator myself, there's no way that I'll say no to being a DIY bride. Although it is a little exhausting and hectic but every little detail counts and I'm really enjoying the hands on process!

So far...

So good. Checking the list off with:
☑ ROM forms submission (Date & slot confirmed)
☑ Luncheon reception venue - Confirmed
☑ Theme - Decided
☑ Invitations - Sent
☑ Justin's outfit - Bought
☑ Yumi's dress - Ordered
☑ Customized ring pillow & box - Made
☑ Wedding bands - Collected

Remaining tasks to check off the list:
▧ Decoration pre-preparations & purchase
▧ Justin's boutonniere
▧ Finalizing guest list & seating arrangements
▧ Thank you cards
▧ Place cards
▧ Actual Day Bouquet

Although its only our Registration of Marriage ceremony & a simple luncheon, I'm really excited and looking forward to this day! To leaning on his shoulders for the rest of our lives.
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  1. congratulations babe!! :D can't wait to see you in the pretty dress!


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