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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

it's been two weeks since the end of The World Soft Darts Stage 5 - Malaysia and i'm finally ready to write about this. sorry it took so long. i've been pretty busy with ROM preps, work and everything else too. plus editing photos need time too.

so here goes...

the day before the actual game (during MSDO), all players were to register and participate in the pre-tournament games - Shoot Out & Bull Master. so right after my Doubles Medley, i queued in line feeling all anxious and excited at the same time. that was when many asked if i was playing The World. in fact, i received a couple of skeptical looks and replies but hey, it's ok, at least i'm trying. :D

my Shoot Out score was pretty low but i managed to hit 2 for Bull Master so it's all cool for me.

on the day itself, i got up pretty early and left the fiance to rest a lil more while i warm up for my game. got to say hi to a couple of friends and pro players. got a couple of tips on how to calm myself before and during the games from Foong and then it was the opening speech.

right after that, everyone gushed over to the control area to check out the SKO charts, searching for their boards and opponents. and then it was games on!

my game was against Wilson Tang from Hong Kong and i really must say, he's really good and steady but i did have my fair share of good performance throughout although i lost. missed my check out in 01 again but hey, at least i performed waaaaaaaaaaay better than i actually do in any other tournaments. teehee.

the fiance joined me halfway through my game and after that we both toured around the hall hunting for more players to snap photos with! :D

say hi to the Juggler Queens. :)

after lunch we came back to anticipate in even more exciting games as the Top 8 games commerce. i must say, match 5 between Haruki Muramatsu and Harith Lim was indeed exciting. Haruki with a Ton80 which was replied with a 3 in a be 19 from Harith and the excitement didn't end until Haruki won the match.

truth is, the whole evening was filled with lots of intense cheering from the crowd but everyone was very cooperative to keep their voices down as the players made their moves.

the final match was the most intense of all. with Atan leading the first two matches but was quickly chased up by Shintaro Inuoe in the next two games. i was rooting for Atan to achieve his first home-ground win at The World which he did give his best in the final match. we're all still really proud of you Atan!

The World ended with Shintaro Inuoe (JPN) emerging as Champion while Atan (MY) clinched 1st Runner Up. Congratulations Shintaro-san on your first Champion at The World! can't wait to stream live in for Stage 6 - China.

PS: Crossing my fingers that The World will be back next year!
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