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Friday, October 23, 2015

Come to think of it, its a month since MSDO Championship 2015 and The World Stage 5 ended. It's about time for an overall recap of what really happened (besides my own games. you can read about MSDO 2015 HERE and The World HERE)

On the weekend of 18th till 20th September, with a new record set of over 800 people witnessing both MSDO Championship 2015 and concurrent event, The World Soft Darts Championship at Vivatel KL. Calling it an "All Darts Weekend", players from all around the world - Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, France and even Croatia flew in to participate in the 3-days event.

With event line-ups of 1 Doubles Medley, Double Random Hook-Up, Doubles Medley and for the first time ever the Random Hook-Up expanded into a Trios. Pretty interesting eh?

Day One took off with the CEO of i Darts Malaysia, Eddie Chou remarking the growth of Malaysian Soft Darts community since its debut in 2011 and now with their expansion to other states such as Penang, Johor, Sabah and Kedah.

The Malaysia State Championship was the main highlight of Day 2 with Sabah, Kuala Lumpr, Johor & Selangor in the Semifinals whereby team Kuala Lumpur was on the run to defend their reigning title as last year’s Champion. Bulls after bulls, Selangor state emerged and was crowed the new Champion.

The big finale of the "All Darts Weekend" ended with a blast with The World Soft Darts Championship finally taking place in Malaysia in Stage 5. Entries flooded in within 2 weeks with its peak of 256 participants filling up slots in this world class tournament. There were heavy presence of PRO Players from all over the globe battling intensely to be the best of the best.

The intensity started from the very first match all the way to the finals. One of the highlights was the match between Haruki Muramatsu (JP) & Harith Lim (SG) with a long battle of 5 leagues.

With our very own homegrown hero Norhishame Atan (MY) whom is also i Darts Malaysia's Pro Player battling against Shintaro Inoue (JP) in the finals that evening, the crowd never failed to cheer for him all evening long. The finale closed after a stretching long final battle with Shintaro Inoue standing in the middle of the grand stage winning his very first Champion title in The World Stages at The World Stage 5.

Once again, i Darts Malaysia and MSDO have proved their immense reputation in organizing the most successful international softdarts tournament in Malaysia. We are definitely looking forward to next year! For more details, head on to i Darts Malaysia Facebook Page and MSDO Championship Facebook Page.

Till then, we shall meet next year!
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