Darts | MSDO 2015 x Recap

Monday, September 28, 2015

after three consecutive darting days, MSDO 2015 has finally come to an end. i must say, although i have different partners over the 3 years, this year i've experienced the most amazing games ever with the fiance. it was indeed a truly remarkable experience to test and build the both of us as a team.

starting off with Day One. the fiance and i teamed up for our very first Doubles Medley game. despite being the lowest combined rating team under the C Flight Division, we made it to Best 32 and even topped the chart in the Round Robins.

Missed out check out twice and lost our chance during the SKOs and had to give away our C-31 wristband. the games were pretty tough but nevertheless interesting.

in the evening, i was paired up with Heng Teo aka Boy from Johor for Doubles Random Hook Up. i must say, he is superb in his darts skills trying his best to cover me in the first SKO game which we won by 2-1. we made it to Best 32 as well out of 128 teams. if only we didn't miss our check out in our 01 games losing to Prussian Arceno from the Phillipines. thank you so much for the good fight Boy! i know we could have made it further if we didn't miss the check.

despite staying over at the hotel to avoid having to travel to and fro, i still woke up feeling fatigue on Day Two. games were even tougher in the Round Robins and the both of us did not make it through. quite wasteful but at least we tried our very best.

since we didn't make it through, we had time to go back to the room for a quick nap and shower before my Trios Random Hook Up game. got to team up with the awesome Woong Hee Han from Korea. thank you so much for covering the both of us noobies and i truly feel sorry for not being able to perform in my games. my Hats only came back at night during practice :(

although the furthest that i've made it was Best 32, i had an awesome time throughout the two hectic intense tournament days. in fact, after every game my rating went up. thank you so much i Darts Malaysia for organizing such an awesome yearly event! this year, everything went even smoother and better! i can't wait for the next already!!!

Highlight of the year is definitely being starstruck! Having to hunt around the hall to meet all the awesome international players that we've been watching on live stream in person this time. and they definitely are really really nice people! all the way from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and UK, can you name them all? :D

Can't wait to meet everyone at MSDO 2016!!!

Once again, thank you so much my sponsors Cosmo Darts | Fit Flight | Juggler Queen for having faith in me! i promise to train harder and perform better in my league and upcoming games!

up next, The World Stage 5 :D
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