Darts | Johnnie Walker Cup 2015 | Stage Four

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

so...instead of getting my power-up rest over the long weekend, i ended up playing Johnnie Walker Stage 4 at I Darts Hex, Scott Garden partnering See Tho once again.

not many photos from this stage as there wasn't any photographer around but for those who have missed watching the A Flights Division, you've definitely missed out a lot! why so? because with so many top players from all around Asia such as Lourence Illagan, Paul Lim, Harith Lim, Yong Thanawat, Mica Yu and so on...the games were so intense it felt like it was a mini version of The World Soft Darts Championship! indeed the games were really interesting to watch. if i wasn't the participant, i would really glue my eyes to the A Flight Division games! lol...

what about my games? well all i can say is that this time around the B Flight Division was the toughest of all. with players from Hong Kong/Macau in my grouping. it was really tough. scores were 0-2 against King/LayChen | 2-0 against Tim Lun/Bobby (Macau) | 0-2 against Deric/Vinic. we we'rent warmed up enough for our first game. hence the horrible result. in our second game, we pushed for the win by putting aside the odds on burst but it resulted to our opponent's burst. whereas in the final match, seetho was rushing off as he had family matters to attend to. which resulted to our loss but nevertheless we did fight for our chance and lost to the best.

once again kudos to the team for the well organized event. for making sure that there was the slightest delays and smooth continuation in between games to avoid the whole event from ending too late! also making sure that there were no sandbagging by having rating checks in between all games. good job Bryan, Nic and team!!!

the intensity didn't end there. there was more on Sunday during the Finals! so stay tuned for my next update on Johnnie Walker Cup 2015 Final Match.
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