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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This time around there will only be one post on my recent Ipoh trip as we didn't explore much. Had class in the morning then lunch and ran some errands before heading back. We arrived at about 5pm on the first day and it was raining heavily already so we didn't have much chance to explore.

On the second day we had curry mee for breakfast. also known as the Police Station Curry Mee. Well, you can always get good curry mee anywhere at a lot of places so what's so special? The ingredients (meat platter) are being served on a separate bowl from your bowl of curry noodles which preserves the original taste of the meat instead of having them soaked in the bowl of curry. There's also a separate bowl of curry dip (of course to dip the meat in).

Xin Quan Fang Restaurant
174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar 
30000 Ipoh, 
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Yumi Says?
Besides the over-oily curry soup, it is amazingly delicious! One of the best so far! Except the fact that you either go really early to grab a seat. If you're late, you'll either have to wait for about an hour or it's sold out!

I would call that meal breakfast although we only ate at about 10 plus because we were later served with dried curry noodles at about 1.30pm for lunch.

Spent most of our free time at home, so no cafe hops this time around. and then it was back to KL on Monday evening. Definitely can't wait to head there again soon! heh~~~

Back in KL, I've finally had my dose of Sangkaya ice cream! As rated by the boyfie who hates sweet food, it's the best so far hahaha!
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