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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

i spent a majority of my adolescences years trying to hide my skin under thick gooey make up and fancy clothing trying to fit in and concealing the flaws on my skin. Although there were undeniable days to dressing up in my best outfit and most flattering hair but that still didn't seem to make me smile from deep down.

back then, i was that girl who would never leave my house without any makeup on, simply because i felt " utterly ugly" and "disgustingly naked". yes, that was how i felt.

it was in form four when my hormone started to change, breakouts and acne became my best of friends following me wherever i went and of course, i didn't like that. well, at least until i was introduced to facial care where i discovered the importance of taking care of my skin from the inside out.

over the years, i've learnt that not only it is important to go through proper daily cleansing routine on the outside but also feeding my body with the needed nutrition...because what goes into your body will later on reflect outwards. but that doesn't mean that i don't doll myself up with make up anymore. it's just that i don't rely on it totally to define how i should feel about my outlook.

suffering from acne has always been a part of me (even until today), and i've always thought the more concealer i applied, the more i could hide those flaws. but nevertheless, the moment i realized that the more i tried to cover, the worse it would be. hence, the decision to not only take care of my body by drinking more warm water (cut down on those sweet sodas), eat healthier, exercise more (which i am now lacking) but also to keep to my cleansing routine. at least now, my skin feels fresher and cleaner!

and so the products that i've been using all along since high school years - Clean & Clear Essential Regime Kit! with 3 simple steps (Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing) day and night, its definitely incredible to see how fresh and radiant my skin is now compared to my teenage years! with these travel-size bottles, its so convenient to carry them around especially for gym and travelling!

it definitely is awesome to strip away from all that makeup and to feel beautiful in my own skin now!
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