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Monday, August 24, 2015

what's even better to spend my Friday night then to spend with with awesome people? to spend it with awesome people, good music and of course Guinness!

basically, it's just a good excuse to take a night off and to enjoy with friends that i've not met with for some time. met up with Sandy and had dins with her & Jason before heading over to Laundry Bar.

and of course, i grabbed myself a cup of Guinness to enjoy while waiting for the show to start.

Natallie Ng did the opening act with her amazing voice! truth is i've never heard of her, nor her music but i fell in love with her voice the moment she started singing! simply beautiful! with her bubbly and cheerful characteristic, even when she was singing a heartbroken song, you'd see her smiling throughout.

and then there was a 45 minute in-between break (including set up) before Crinkle Cut came on stage. although there was a minor technical glitch before the show started, this 4-female electro acoustic band of Frances (Vocalist), Melissa (Guitarist), Grace (replaced by Vicky on Keys) and Ashley (Percussionist), blew our minds away!

finally, it was the most awaited band to take over the stage - Jumero! these 3 men with their acoustic hippie beach pop music had finally #madeit to launch their album - Stepping Stone! with Jared (Lead Vocal/Guitar), Michael (Vocal/Bass/Piano) and Ryan (Vocal/Drums/Percussionist), these talented men took the crowd by a wave the moment they stepped on stage!

thank you Guinness Amplify for recognizing our local indie performers/bands and for giving them the chance to perform and giving us the chance to support our local music! truth is, we have many talented musicians out there and all we have to do is to recognize and support them! till the next amplify, we shall meet again.

PS: if anyone of you out there know how to nominate a band up for Amplify, please please contact me at thanks!
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