Darts | Johnnie Walker Cup x Stage Three

Monday, August 10, 2015

having given a second chance to play in Johnnie Walker Cup 2015 at Stage 3, i told myself over n over again to train hard (in which i did) and to perform my best during the round robins (which i didn't really perform in one of the games as well).

Stage 3 for B Flight was held at Shot! & Puma Darts Cafe (whereas A Flight was held at JDarts) . blurry pics as there were no photographers around. so pictures are all from my cam thanks to the boyfie! teehee.

arrived at Frasers Business Park at about 345 but couldn't find the exact location. mehhh...had to call See Tho to share the exact location with me.

registration started at 4pm and game on was at 6pm sharp. kudos once again to Bryan and team for having the games start on time. and esther for keeping track of every player's rating after every match.

B Flight players | Shot! & Puma Cafe

this time around i partnered see tho instead. we lost our first two matches with 1-2 following by a 2-1 win which see tho ended up bursting by a lil (such a waste) as we had no choice but to push our limits in order to win back the point. oh well, but we won our final match with a 2-1 win and my overall rating went up by a little so i guess i can that i had pretty good games afterall. i must say that our opponents were really good!

Shot! & Puma Darts Cafe has 5 machines and it's a non-smoking venue. so if you're into darts and you're sensitive towards ciggie smell, this would be a good place for you to play at. and for the smokers, there's a smoking room at the corner so no worries. :)

Shot! & Puma Darts Cafe
10-3, Fraser Business Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu Off Jalan Yew,
Kuala Lumpur.

A Flight Players | JDarts Malaysia

as there was limited space at Puma! & Shot Darts Cafe, the A Flights dual was held at JDarts instead. with all the top players in the A Flight doubles, i'm pretty sure the players at JDarts had an even more intense time! sadly i wasn't there to witness their games! also, good job to Nic & team for making sure everything was good on their end!

so it's back to training again for me before super league season 5 begins and once again thank you so much to all my sponsors for having me and trusting me. thank you Cosmo Darts | Juggler Queen | Fit Flight | Michiko. thank you Ian & Bryan. i will continue to train and improve myself!

and thank you my baby boyfie for the company, support and motivation throughout my games! and of course for helping me with the needed pictures!!! you the best!
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